What is email signature marketing?

As Hubspot wrote, “You know you’re a true email marketer if every single one of your emails includes a call-to-action.”

Email signature marketing is the final frontier in email marketing, content marketing and marketing in general. This underutilized—and most often misused—space at the bottom of each email is ripe for the picking. It’s taking it past the necessary contact information and consistent branding and starting to market to your contacts with specific email signature marketing campaigns.

Good email signature branding, like a digital business card, includes useful information, like your name and title, but also drives traffic to your website and increases your social media followers. It creates an err of professionalism by developing consistent branding across your entire organization that is always there.

Great email signature marketing includes actionable and evolving advertising with a solid CTA driving traffic to your website, offering deals or a free trial, promoting all-star, strategic content, advertising events, reminding folks of customer service resources available, and simply so much more.

When you combine the two, email signature marketing can pack a one-two punch that turns it into the marketing channel with the highest return at the lowest cost.

And you can automate and measure it all!

Why is an email signature campaign better than regular email marketing?

Well, we don’t want to necessarily say it’s better—the two can work in tandem beautifully—but running a marketing campaign from within your inbox is certainly more deliverable. Spam filters, promotions tabs, updates tabs, Google’s Unsubscribe button, oh my! We have a lot of barriers to get through, a challenge facing even the most sophisticated of email marketing tools. Whenever possible, running a campaign within your traditional inbox will be more likely to get there.

“The key difference between promoting a message through an email signature verse an email marketing campaign is the ability to display your message to an engaged audience rather through dialogue rather than competing for attention among scores of other promotional emails just to get your message seen,” said Brandon Pindulic.

Four questions you must answer before starting to create an email signature marketing campaign.

Running an email signature marketing campaign starts off by answering some crucial questions.

  1. Who in my company needs an email signature campaign?

To start, you need to decide which email signatures should have campaigns running. We would venture to argue that all customer-facing, outgoing emails should end with some sort of banner advertising. You can decide which departments get which kind of campaign.

When you have BIG news like investment, feel free to blast it for a few days on everybody’s tail!

  1. What kind of content should be included?

Next you need to decide what kind of content you want to provide. This is basically limited by your imagination, but most email signature marketing campaigns should be geared toward supporting short-term marketing goals, as they should be constantly evolving. These should each include one large graphic that’s correctly sized. It should include a few words of text delivering a call to action.

  1. How long should this campaign run?

Generally, material like disclaimers and other essential compliance details run all the time, while true Campaign content is usually a shorter deployment with a defined start and end date.

  1. Do I want more than one campaign?

Maybe, but never more than two. Often companies like law firms run one campaign for advertising services and another for seasonal or disclaimer information, keeping all of this separated from the virtual business card-like information. SaaS companies often run shorter campaigns on top with a specific deal or advertising a new feature, while running tech support information or a link to their knowledgeable for a longer time period second.

If you want to include a Marketing Banner and a Corporate Disclaimer below that, it’s best to define the Disclaimer as a Campaign. This allows you to define the content once and assign it to as many signature definitions as required.

Use a different email signature for First Message, Replies and Forwards.

We’ve all had this happen, where a long, important email chain is interrupted by a slue of email signatures and disclaimers.

This also means that you can run different kinds of campaigns with deals, once you’ve, say, gone back and forth three times and moved your prospect down the sales funnel or prepped a current client for an upsell

Segment your campaigns by target audience and location.

You should always segment your campaigns to drive business goals.

Sales may want to offer a free trial, demo or deal, while marketing may want to push new in-depth content. Customer support often promotes walk-throughs of new features and links to frequently asked questions. Accounting may want to include links to Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, and Human Resources may want to include a strong message of company culture along with important job openings.

Every message can and should be tailored and automated to reach the target audience. This includes helping to run internal campaigns that increase employee motivation and keep everybody in the look of company happenings.

As you look around your company, you’ll start to develop an instinct for how some recipient groups are better than others. And email signature marketing analytics only increases that insight.

Mike Puterbaugh from our marketing team said it best: “Consider your segments, both internaly and externally:

Who does your finance team email most? Is that a source of referrals?

Support should always link to the knowledge base; a single help ticket avoided is a real money saved.

As you go through each department, you’ll find trends like these. Don’t forget to talk to your colleagues and ask them, then turn their insider knowledge into email signature marketing success!

What can you know from an email signature campaign?

Email signature marketing is what you could call passive campaigning or continual marketing.

You can also measure things like new signups to your newsletter and follows to your social media of choice. You can also create separate sign-up forms to identify new subscribers.

The whole point is that you measure, learn, pivot, and repeat!

Everything is done in tandem with analytics.

As a modern, metrics-driven marketer, you probably spend hours a week inside Google Analytics, trying to find your way to the secret formula of what your prospects really want. You can easily integrate your email-signature with Google Analytics as well as so many of your analytics platforms du jour.

Focus on what you do best!

We all know Tiggers hop best. What does your company do best? Use your email signature campaign as a multiplier for just that.

Marketing drives email signature campaigns, not IT!

At least iGaud email signature marketing tool is so simple to use that marketers are driving these email marketing campaigns, not IT. If you know how to fill an online form and know how to use CTRL+C (keyboard shortcut key for COPY command in Microsoft Window Operating System) and CTRL+V (keyboard shortcut key for PASTE command in Microsoft Window Operating System) in your keyboard then you have all the experience you need to get started!

There’s no need to involve IT to implement much of your campaigns. We’d actually recommend the opposite, as we think marketing is the best department to drive this branding consistency and advertising genius across your company, and we want iGaud to enable you to stay agile and market responsive. We just don’t think these things can be possible with a heavy-handed IT department. We’re here to empower You, the Marketer!

Don’t let employees do it either!

Don’t bother to give your employees ten pages of instructions of email signature branding policies. Instead, set everything up and before you implement it, send them a quick note as to why you are doing this and what they need to know will be at the end of their emails. Trust us, they’ll be much more likely to listen this way and will be happy you’re doing the work for them. Just make sure to tell them to turn off their current signature or else it’s just a mess of two or more signatures visible at once!

Just do it!

There is no limit to the number of email signature you can make in iGaud email signature tool, so feel free to play around and experiment until you find the right voice for the right employee to sell to the right client.

But don’t just measure—talk to your clients!

Metrics-driven marketing isn’t the only element in your marketing mix nor perhaps the most essential. Marketing is some sort of mix between facts and judgment. The online marketing tips we’ve offered you will only go so far and only when paired with your most important marketing tool—your clients! It’s all about balancing the quantitative with the qualitative and nothing can replace the unadulterated opinion of a customer. Don’t forget to pick their brains and learn what works for them… then, create new test marketing campaigns based on their feedback and measure it all again!

So what are you waiting for?

iGaud Email Signature tool is absolutely FREE, so what do you have to lose?

Get inspired!

Take a look at our other comprehensive posts on Email Signature Branding too! They will inspire you with lots of tips on how to optimize your email signatures to perform at their best!

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