Refunds & Cancellations Policy

Our cancellation policy:

Client satisfaction lies at the core of our services and we ensure that in every possible way. At iGaud Solutions, even our cancellation and refund policy of digital marketing services are very transparent and different for each service we offer.

How is the cancellation procedure?

  1. Send us your cancellation request by telephone, email, or fax
  2. It will be collected at our accounts and billing department
  3. You will receive a confirmation reply from us. Until then, the request will remain invalid
  4. The email we send in reply will be considered proof of canceling the service

Note: Clients need to place their cancellation request within 12 hours of placing the order. iGaud Solutions will only accept it when the project has not been started yet.

Our refund policy for digital marketing services:

We are professionals known for keeping things very straight. We promise only for what we can do. Our aim is to offer you the best service.

Coming to our refund policy on search engine optimization and other services, there won’t be any refund for the cancellation of orders. Again, there won’t be money back if the project is being worked on manually.

Let us inform you that search engine algorithms for page rank and robots keep updating from time to time. No professional marketing company has any control over those changes. So, we cannot guarantee our clients of any specific result and their refund claims regarding the same.

But, iGaud Solutions certainly assures you to keep your websites and other pages optimized as per the latest algorithms through updated techniques. We are aware of the search engine optimization tricks and hence, will offer you the noticeable performance of your brand online.

We engage your consumers across the globe for more profitability and efficiency, through a digital transformation of your business.

No refund on paid money:

  • The company is not liable to make any refunds on the paid amount.
  • For any other miscellaneous charges, we are not responsible for refunding, especially of what causes loss to the company.
  • There is no refund or money-back guarantee for the services that have already been delivered.
  • Clients cannot claim the same for any of the transaction charges.
  • Link building is an important part of SEO, and you need to provide us with the required information for that. The company would not be held responsible for any error or failed result due to the incorrect URL. Clients cannot claim a refund.
  • If search engine optimization services are hampered by the activities of the third party on your website content, the iGaud Solutions team will not take any responsibility for that.

We, however, release the next month’s payments after a thorough review of our performance in the current month. iGaud Solutions does not offer vague guarantees for any service including SEO and others. For any third-party service, we would strictly not take any responsibility in case any problem arises.

All rights are reserved with iGaud Solutions to make any changes in this cancellation and refund policy of digital marketing services without any prior notice to the clients. So, stay connected!