Frequently Asked Questions

What is SENDER ID ?

This is the name or number which flashes on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive an SMS Text message. Most GSM Networks/Operators accept up to an 8-character Alpha-Numeric String as Sender Identification.

An Alphanumeric Source Addresses must abide by the following criteria:

  • For India Sender id 6 Alpha characters are accepted for transactional messages
  • International SMS can have alphanumeric sender-id (of maximum 11 characters)
  • Must not contain blank spaces
  • The first character cannot be “0” (zero)
  • Must not contain accented characters
  • Must not contain punctuated/special characters, such as * $ < , > ? ! % [ ] | \
  • Must not contain Greek characters
  • Must not just be a name of an individual
  • Source Addresses are case sensitive
Can I schedule a text message to be sent later?

Yes! You can schedule text messages and make them recurring using our online interface and API.

Can I integrate your Bulk SMS Gateway into my application?
iGaud offers an option to integrate SMS gateway to your application. You can use free SMS scripts of Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Perl to connect with our Bulk SMS Gateway.
Can I use iGaud Bulk SMS panel on my smart phone/tablet?

Yes, you can easily use our Bulk SMS panel from any mobile device.

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